Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Ministry for Health, Welfare and Family Affairs
Ministry of Knowledge Economy Ministry of Environment Korea Meteorological Administration
Rural Development Administration Small and Middle Business Administration Korea Institute of Construction & Transportation technology Evaluation & Planning
Korea Health Industry Development Institute Institute of Industrial Technology Evaluation and Planning Korea Environment Industrial Technology Institute
Korea Environment Institute Korea Institute of Science & Technology Evaluation and Planning Science & Technology Policy Institute
Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information Korea Institute of Science and Technology Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials
Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology Korea Institute of Toxicology Korea Institute of Energy Research
Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute Korea Electronics Technology Institute Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute
Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Korea Industrial Technology Foundation
Carbon Dioxide Reduction & Sequestration R&D Center Korea Scientists & Engineers Mutual-aid Association The Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies